Teamgroup ARGB DDR4-3600C14 - a first look

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Teamgroup ARGB DDR4-3600C14 - a first look

Postby websmile » Wed 8. Apr 2020, 01:24

Welcome to my introduction to the Teamgroup Xtreem ARG DDR4-3600C14 2x8GB memory kit. The main points of this small review are optics, the components used and short tests on the clock behavior of the memory.
Image Image

1. Manufacturer, optics and specifications

Teamgroup has been in the market as a manufacturer of DRam and storage products for around twenty years. The manufacturer has been known for special overclocking modules for almost as long; team group was already one of the providers of particularly high-volume series such as the DDR1-500 Cronus and other, even more specified series in DDR1 times. The XTreem DDR2-1200 and 1300 series are still legendary today, and the tradition of these includes the XTreem series today.

Image Image Image Image

The Xtreem ARGB DDR4-3600 C14-15-15-35 (TF10D416G3600HC14CDC01) are the flagship of the new ARGB series from the T-Force Division. In times when RGB is also offered in a variety of ways for working memory, they represent a new concept. Instead of flashing LEDs on the top of the module, the ARGB series relies on polished, dark heat spreaders which are translucent. This means that the LEDs on the modules illuminate practically the entire module in subtle colors with changing effects, in addition a transparent T-Force logo and a small XTreem ARGB lettering stand out. The modules are single sided, the side on which the chips are is cooled by a black aluminum heat-conducting plate so that the RGB effect is only there in a weakened form via the top. The pictures, partly taken in the dark without flash, show the concept of these effects, at least in the beginning, despite the moderate quality. A small sticker reveals the specifications, part and serial number. This comes packaged in a storage tray which comes in a cardboard box with further information about the manufacturer and the product.

The performance data of the kit: 10-Layer A2 layout PCB, Samsung B-die ICs and DDR4-3600 C14-15-15-35 at 1.45v deposited as XMP.

2. The tests

Test system

Intel Core i7-8086K @ AIO

Asus Maximus XI Apex

Seasonic Focus 1050W

Nvidia 630GT

Team group Xtreem DDR4-3600C14 ARGB


Low Voltage (24/7 compatible)

After a quick test on the XMP values, it quickly became clear that there was still room for improvement in the clock and timing. Based on this, I made the first tests with a maximum of 1.5v, which is still acceptable for daily use at Samsung.

As expected, the XMP on DDR4-3600 ran smoothly with CR1T, so I set out to tackle bigger challenges. DDR4-4000 C15-15-15-38 CR1 ran through Memtest86 and all test benchmarks like SuperPi 32M, Geekbench 3, Cinebench R11.5 also ran with tightened sub-timings. At Cas 15 I finally reached stable DDR4-4133, but after that I had to switch to Cas 16 and CR2T to get ahead. Amazingly, the set values from C16-16-16-38 to DDR4400 were stable, at 1.5 volts, and even DDR4-4500 booted but could no longer be brought into Windows.

In the end, I managed to push the absolute limit of my storage controller. With the DDR4-4800 C18-18-18-42 CR2T with auto-subtimings, I was able to complete a complete benchmark course. As a brief interim conclusion, it can be said that the DDR4-3600 ARGB was able to distance itself from the DDR4-4500 8Pack Edition that I tested a while ago on the same platform, a surprising result.

Image Image Image Image Image

High Voltage (per benchmark use)

For benchmark use on platforms like UL (ex Futuremark) or Hwbot, DDR4-4000c12 and higher have been standard for years and I therefore also tested these settings.

DDR-4000 C12 was not a challenge, DD4-4133 C12-12-12-28 ran with 1T and 1.98V for Geekbench 3 and other comparable tests, SuperPi 32m also ran with 1.99V.

Since DDR-4600C14 and higher are now part of the bench routine of enthusiasts and professional overclockers in the bench circus with A2-PCB layout memory, I naturally also made a short test on these settings. DDR4-4800 C14-14-14-28 and C14-13-13-28 ran stable through multiple tests at 1.98-1.99 volts.

Image Image

In addition, these settings are not only usable for everyday use because of the high voltage. On the Intel Z170-390 platform, Samsung B-based memory completely lose stability with full memory utilization in 64-bit systems, which is why no mem test was carried out, but the usable amount of memory in Windows was again reduced to 2.5 GB or less. ... =emb_title


The Teamgroup Xtreem T-Force ARGB DDR4-3600C14 are exceptional even today, when many manufacturers rely on RGB effects. The concept of subtly illuminating the Rams from the inside via translucent PCB cover is new, extremely appealing and innovative. This model series currently has a very attractive unique selling point, plus the idea was implemented excellently and with intelligence. The side with the chips is further cooled by the heat spreader, the side without is used for a very attractive effect.

The model was also completely convincing in terms of pure performance, both in the area up to DDR4-4133, in which most enthusiasts move, and above that, the memory presented itself as competitive and, in some cases, outstanding.

In contrast to its "brothers" with DDR4-3200-4000 rating, Geizhals has not yet listed the price in the price comparison, but should be offered competitively if we see the other models in relation to competitors, and as usual, Teamgroup offers its limited lifetime warranty as a guarantee.

In terms of performance, I can fully recommend the modules, the look appeals to me personally, but as usual, this should be in the eye of the beholder. Finally, I can, with a clear conscience, make a clear recommendation for the new ARGB, they enrich the storage market and are a serious alternative for enthusiasts and modders

Rating: 9/10

Many thanks to TeamGroup for providing the test sample and to the readers of this test for their time.

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Re: Teamgroup ARGB DDR4-3600C14 - a first look

Postby joe_cool » Wed 1. Jul 2020, 00:30

good job Michael ! ;)

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