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Avantium Leopard II

Posted: Sun 20. Mar 2016, 10:04
by Achill3uS
Yo bros,
remember these? :D
I think Kev does :mrgreen:

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Re: Avantium Leopard II

Posted: Sat 26. Mar 2016, 10:47
by websmile
Very nice mems, Freakezoit had a kit he used long time I remember

Re: Avantium Leopard II

Posted: Sat 26. Mar 2016, 13:12
by Freakezoit
I still have one Kit working like hell :D
But Avantium Leopard I (With samsung chips) 8-)

Finally my Avantium LEOPARD`s (from OPB) are back in Action ,
After many boards P67/Z68/Z77 with bootcode 55 , even with manual settings, mixed with other mems. I tested them on my Asrock P67 Fatality Prof. and there were no boot Failures (postcode 55). (Some Well known brands still suck when it comes to mem compatibility Like Asus, MSI , Gigabyte , ECS but not Asrock XD).

1st 1.65v (bios) 2000 CL9-9-9-27 2T (Compatibilty setting just to get sure there is no timing setting to tight for them)

2nd 1.80v (Max useable voltage in Bios) 2000 CL8-9-8-24 1T (medium performance setting , TWCL 8)

They work like they should, with an more Voltage friendly board they should do 2400 + Cl9 , with that board 2200 cl9 no problem but for 2400 CL9 1.8v is not enought.
Also what i have seen there where no Problems with they`re SPD like i have seen on other Boards. Lets see what old Samsung HCF0 are capable with the right voltage & cooling (Dice).

To be continued.... later

Re: Avantium Leopard II

Posted: Sat 26. Mar 2016, 14:55
by websmile
Great test, Alex :)