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Re: OCX returns

Postby N3RO » Tue 29. Mar 2016, 15:26

Monstru wrote:Hello old friends...and maybe who knows...some new ones. I am glad to see that OCX is back. Somehow it brings back memories from a different time...heck...almost a different life. A life I have lived in the past...when overclocking was the only thing I cared about and that thing...that tiny little thing called overclocking helped me make friends all over the world, see places I never dreamed of seeing and meeting people I never thought I would ever meet live.

Currently I am not overclocking anymore...or at least not as I used to. I am still involved with live shows, demos and preaching this beautiful thing that overclocking is to young ones. But I am not involved with rankings or competitions anymore. Because the industry got sour...because some people got greedy... because the idea that we used to have was destroyed by some assholes who wear suits and pull over 100k a year by selling BS to companies. I think you know what I am talking about.

So...if this is the rebirth of the old OCX and independent overclocking...count me in. I am here, even if I am not much of an overclocker anymore. But please, try to keep the assholes and the bullshit outside. Let's try to show what we can do without the bullshit some money hungry peons are spreading around like a disease, in their attempt to milk the companies of as much money as they can before all this go to the trashcan, ok?

If you can do that, I promise that I will be here. I promise that I will remember all the persons that I looked up to on this forums. And all the persons that maybe looked up to me. And all the good times we had. Just please...no HWBot, no bullshit, no vendors. I am sick of all that...


Nice to see this up and running again.


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Re: OCX returns

Postby Perica_barii » Thu 14. Apr 2016, 19:13

Happy to be here again, this was knowledge base back in days.....

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Re: OCX returns

Postby Alex@Ro » Thu 28. Apr 2016, 17:33

Nice to see old people and be among the pioneers ,great job Michael and Joe_Cool !

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Re: OCX returns

Postby joe_cool » Mon 2. May 2016, 15:41

Thx guys! ;)


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Re: OCX returns

Postby George_o/c » Tue 3. May 2016, 16:15

Hey everyone, nice to see ocx again, so many good memories here, especially with tapakah's 32m challenge, ahhh good times :D

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Re: OCX returns

Postby websmile » Tue 3. May 2016, 16:20

Good to see you here :D

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