G.Skill DDR3 IC thread

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G.Skill DDR3 IC thread

Postby websmile » Thu 24. Mar 2016, 18:14

As most of you will remember, passionate memory binner TaPaKaH did a lot of research in the past on G.Skill DDR3 memory modules and the ics used. He was able to determine that a part of the serialnumber at these mems also gave a reliable information on the manufacturer of the chips that were used at the sticks, and he published this at a widely renowned thread at OCX forums years ago. This went offline with the old forum content, so I thought it might be not a bad idea to post at least the fundamental information again here at the new OCX. Kudos go to Sam, to don_dan for keeping the information accessable at the sister thread at XS, and to german AMD legend stunned_guy, who also made a thread at hwluxx and invested time and money to confirm the information and add content on top.
Enough blabla by me, let´s get the content going :D

The standard ddr3 serial number of G.Skill up to april 2012 looked this way(example):
The interesting part for us is the first eight digits, at sticks from 2009 or earlier the first seven. They determine date of production and chipmaker. In the example case it is
1012= 2010, week 12
953= 2009, week 53 (Example for 2009 and earlier)
1040= 10/Powerchip Semiconductor 40 can be revision, but with psc was more or less useless because X and T psc were labeled the same. The chipmaker ID always was made of of four signs, it was either four digits or three digits and a letter at some regions (104L for example), which was detected at france, spain, portugal, belgium and more countries.

After this small introduction, let´s move on to the codes

01xx = Micron
Most relevant ICs Micron D9GTR/GTS/JNL/JNM(1gb single sided, 2gb sticks dual sided), in general other ICs were useless for decent overclocking

02xx = Hynix
Most relevant ICs Hynix BFR/CFR(2gb single sided, 4gb sticks dual sided) MFR (4gb single sided, 8GB dual sided)

03xx = Samsung
Most relevant ICs Samsung HFCO(1GB single sided, 2GB dual sided sticks) 2gbit D (2GB single sided, 4GB dual sided sticks)

06xx = Elpida
Most relevant ICs BBSE, BBBG, BDBG, Hyper MNH-E and MGH-E (1GB single sided, 2GB dual sided sticks)

07xx = Elixir
No relevance for oc

08xx = Nanya
No relevance for oc

09xx = PSC OEM (UTT) most likely
No known relevance, very few information on this for me

10xx = PSC
Most relevant IC PSC-X series (1gb single sided, 2GB dual sided)

11xx = Spektek (Micron)
No known relevance for overclocking

12xx = Quimonda/Aeneon former Infineon
No relevance for OC

13xx = unknown, suspected ProMos
Not relevant for OC

I will end this for now, and contemplate if the new scheme for ddr3 after 04/2012 will be added in this post or a seperate thread. If you find any wrong info, feel free to let me know, this is a very raw overview which might be updated with some more content for example on sub codes and which IC most likely are to be found on these. Thanks for reading :)

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