Teamgroup XTreem DDR4-4500 - a quick test

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Teamgroup XTreem DDR4-4500 - a quick test

Postby websmile » Sun 7. Jul 2019, 14:05

Teamgroup Xtreem DDR4-4500C18 - a short test

Welcome to my condensed presentation of the Teamgroup Xtreem DDR4-4500C18 2x8GB memory kit. The main points of this little review are optics, used components and short tests on the clock behavior of the memory.

1. Manufacturer, optics and specifications

Teamgroup has been on the market for over 20 years as a manufacturer of DRam and storage products. Almost as long, the manufacturer is already known for special overclocking modules, already in DDR1 times Teamgroup belonged to the providers of particularly high-necked series such as the DDR1-500 Cronus and other even more highly specified series. The XTreem DDR2-1200 and 1300 series are still legendary today, and in the tradition of this is understood among other things today's XTreem series.

The Xtreem DDR4-4500 C18-20-20-44 (TXBD416G4500HC18EDC01) are currently the hoghest certified memory kit Teamgroup in Europe offers, in addition to the Rams are offered here as a reminder of a legendary English overclocker as an 8pack edition. The memory itself is completely black, both the A2 layout PCB and the high-quality, heavy aluminum radiator are designed in matt black. A small sticker reveals the specifications, part and serial numbers. Packed this comes in a storage tray which comes in a cardboard box with more information about the manufacturer and the product.

Image Image Image

The performance data of the kit: Highend A2 Layout PCB, Samsung B-the ICs and DDR4-4500 C18-20-20-44 deposited at 1.45v as XMP.

2. The tests

test system

Intel Core i7-8086K @ AIO

Asus Maximus XI Apex

Seasonic Focus 1050W

Nvidia 630GT

Teamgroup Xtreem DDR4-4500 8Pack edition


Low Voltage (24/7 suitable)

After a quick test on the XMP values, it quickly became clear that there is still room for improvement in terms of timing and timings. Based on that, I made the first tests with a maximum of 1.5v, which is still acceptable for everyday use at Samsung.

Starting with DDR4-4000 C15-15-15-35, I then worked my way up to DDR4-4300C16-16-16-36, DDR4-4400C16 ran some benchmarks but was neither SuperPi 32M nor Memtest stable. From 4500C17 we continued to DDR4-4600 C17-17-17-42, unlike other settings, we let the subtimings on car so that the raw potential of the memory becomes clearer and the programming of the SPD.

Overall, I had high expectations of this kit, they were met in the first test suite and the services were very appealing

Image Image Image

High Voltage (per benchmark use)

For benchmark use on platforms such as UL (ex Futuremark) or Hwbot, DDR4-4000c12 and higher have been standard for years, so we started with it. Since this worked perfectly, we went on, DD4-4133 C12-11-11-28 went with 1T and 2,01v for Geekbench 3 and other similar tests, SuperPi 32m also ran with ca 2,03v Da A2 layout memory on the Apex XI over the 4133 divider works normally only with 2T we went over to, DDR4-4266 C12-11-11-28 2T ran through benchmarks like Spi 1M, Cinebench 11.5 and 15 at about 2,11-2,13v. To briefly test the newly-launched setting DDR4-4800C14, we did a boot test, everything went fine, but I deliberately decided not to do any further tests because my platform was at the end with insufficient cooling, high iMC voltage and 40 degrees in the test room ,

Image Image Image

In addition, these settings are not only unusable for everyday use because of the high voltage. On the Intel Z170-390 platform, Samsung B-based storage completely loses stability with full memory utilization in 64-bit systems, so no Memtest check was made, but the useful memory in Windows is reduced to 2.5GB or less.


The Teamgroup Xtreem DDR4-4500C18 are classic high-performance memories. High-quality components such as the PCB, the dual-screen Samsung chips and the solid, powerful heatspreader make the Ram a good choice for purists. There is no RGB offered, no colorful applications, but he is deliberately kept simple in black. The performance was convincing and this is obviously the aim of the manufacturer in addition to system compatibility in optics.

Listed is the kit in June 2019 in the price comparison with 299 euros, so it is in the luxury class but is absolutely competitive in the price if you see similarly specified kits from other manufacturers are rather higher in price.

Overall, Teamgroup offers a coherent package of performance, price and a limited lifetime warranty that makes these kits absolutely competitive, those looking for high performance storage and classic layouts will not be disappointed

Thanks for reading and to for the faith

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Re: Teamgroup XTreem DDR4-4500 - a quick test

Postby joe_cool » Sun 7. Jul 2019, 23:29

Thx for sharing Michael !


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Re: Teamgroup XTreem DDR4-4500 - a quick test

Postby Bruno » Mon 8. Jul 2019, 06:55

Cool. Thx.

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