Aquamark heads up ..before you run it

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Aquamark heads up ..before you run it

Postby coolhand » Sat 19. Mar 2016, 16:28

Hi guys ,I just want to leave this here in order to avoid major annoyance and aggravation,there is a problem submitting Aquamark submission file ,the "geniuses" @ HWBOT decided to make a note of this in "HWBOT Development: bugs, features and suggestions" section titled "Invalid data file: Unable to parse the datafileunder "..instead of doing this in main (first place you would look for a problem=> HWBOT AQUAMARK3 BENCHMARK VALIDATION REGULATIONS page :roll: example of how HWBOT is managed ..BTW if you have problem submitting GPUPi file the solution can be found in the same thread .. !

Edit; small suggestion ..include "read me" file with every broken wrapper ,bench ,etc. in download package

here is the link :

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Re: Aquamark heads up ..before you run it

Postby joe_cool » Sat 19. Mar 2016, 20:54

Thx for the info! ;)

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Re: Aquamark heads up ..before you run it

Postby Splave » Wed 30. Mar 2016, 19:01


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Re: Aquamark heads up ..before you run it

Postby Elkim » Mon 25. Apr 2016, 17:02

Thank you :) So thats why I didn't get the points...I guess :roll:

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