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by K404
Tue 22. Mar 2016, 19:25
Forum: overclocking pictures
Topic: some old overclocking pics
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Re: some old overclocking pics

*sigh* Sorry.... I thought "Great! I will go hunting for some old pics" to keep the nostalgia trip going, but the first pic I saw took the smile away.

DSCF0176-R.jpg (626.04 KiB) Viewed 6089 times

Nothing stays the same forever :(
by K404
Tue 22. Mar 2016, 18:30
Forum: News
Topic: OCX returns
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Re: OCX returns

I never thought I would see OCXtreme in my browser again. Hello all. I see some names that bring back really, really good memories :) I have not OC'd for two years. Maybe one day I will bench again, but it is not time yet :) After reading this thread, I see that we should "blame" Joe_Cool ...

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